Anti-Skid Studs for More Adherence

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product description

Elevate Grip with Specialized Anti-Skid Studs

If the small spikes fall short of your needs, consider opting for threaded horseshoes to provide your horse with enhanced anti-skid protection. These models, featuring threaded inserts securely fixated within the synthetic cover of the horseshoe, are well-suited for our anti-skid studs with discs.

Our anti-skid studs are available in 4mm and 6mm heights. What sets our studs apart is the disc, as it ensures better pressure distribution. We consider the 4mm studs to be most suitable. We recommend using the 6mm anti-skid studs exclusively in conditions with substantial snow coverage and avoiding their use on hard ground.

When using our horseshoes with anti-skid studs, there are several crucial aspects that must be taken into consideration. Please take a moment to read our comprehensive product description.

clipped and threaded horseshoe with anti-skid studs for enhanced grip

Whether you are a farrier or a horse owner: In order to avoid injuries to humans and horses, it is important that you read and follow our Safety Advice when using our products. Please note that studs increase the risk of injury within the herd situation. And please bear in mind that even with additional traction provided by our anti-skid studs, there is no guarantee that the horse won't slip. It is the rider's responsibility to appropriately control speed and remain vigilant, especially during winter, as icy and snowy conditions can lead to sudden slippery surfaces.