Plastic Welding Practice Kit for Adhesive Horseshoes

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Plastic Welding Practice Kit - Gain Hands-on Experience in Plastic Welding

A proverb that holds true in every aspect of life – 'Practice Makes Perfect' – it's often said casually, but in the end, it applies to almost everything, including plastic welding. Solid seams are fundamental when creating an adhesive horseshoe or modifying a shoe with extensions.

However, to ensure that the weld seams on an adhesive horseshoe are stable and durable, a certain level of proficiency in plastic welding is necessary. To acquire this skill and avoid conducting initial attempts on actual horseshoes, we offer you a more affordable practice kit with baseplate dummies.

Contents of the Practice Kit for Ensuring a Reliable Adhesive Horseshoe:

  • 8 Baseplate Dummies (random assortment of different sizes and shapes)
  • 8 Adhesive Collars 'Easy' with regular surface

This article containts practice material for plastic welding that is not suitable as an adhesive horseshoe!

Eight Dummy Plastic Fittings and Eight Adhesive Collars Resting on Concrete Floor

Why are the Practice Kits so Affordable?

Whenever a different model or size is produced, it requires an adjustment of our machines. During the initial runs, 'dummy horseshoes' without a metal core are created to check the machine settings. These dummies have been regranulated until now. We have found that they serve excellently as practice material for plastic welding. With our practice kit, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to practice the welding of horseshoes and adhesive collars more affordably.

Plastic Welding Practice Kit – Fotos

dummies of plastic horseshoes for practicing the correct welding technique are laid out in the sand in front of a tree trunk, accompanied by adhesive collars

The practice kit comprises 8 sets of baseplate dummies and adhesive collars, to facilitate the acquisition of proper techniques in plastic welding.

a welding fixture for creating adhesive fittings in a blue vise

If you frequently prepare adhesive horseshoes, we recommend our welding fixture designed for plastic welding our horseshoes with adhesive tabs.

a farrier practices welding plastic horseshoes while another farrier observes

The practice material is also ideal for use in a workshop focusing on topics such as plastic welding and adhesive horseshoes.

Adhesive tabs, grid plate, extensions, and color strips - a black-and-white photograph

Please observe our general safety instructions for all work involving our products. Additionally, when plastic welding, consider the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your hot air device. We recommend conducting plastic welding outdoors. If this is not possible, always ensure adequate ventilation.

You can find details on the correct procedure for plastic welding in our product descriptions:

  • Our specialized fixture for robust seams on your adhesive horseshoe
  • The necessary accessory products for an adhesive horseshoe (adhesive collar, extensions, color strips)

For further information, our customer service is, of course, also happy to assist you.

Product Information

Model Plastic Welding Practice Kit
Brand Duplo
Article Number 000100K
Function practice plastic welding, workshops, adhesive courses, practice material
not suitable as hoof protection
Gluing Instruction can be found unter FAQ → Instructions
Security Advice can be found under FAQ → Safety Information. Also observe the safety instructions for your hot-air device.
Packaging Unit sold as a set item with 8 baseplate dummies and 8 adhesive collars
Made in Germany
Shipment within Canada - for worldwide shipments please contact the Duplo Team in Germany

Tips and Tricks - Gaining Practical Experience in Plastic Welding

The practice kit is ideal for practicing the welding of urethane horseshoes and adhesive collars at your own pace.

If you not only want to practice on your own but also have an interest in a corresponding course, take a look at the 'Further Education and Courses' category in our online shop.

Practice material for plastic welding and a matching hot air gun with a reduction nozzle
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