Payment and Shipping

Payment Methods
Prepayment by e-transfer
You'll receive your invoice in a separate e-mail. Your articles will be shipped as soon as we'll have received your payment.
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You will pay your invoice with your PayPal account. Your articles will be shipped as soon as possible.
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Shipping Charges Canada
It depends on your payment method when your order will be shipped. Shipping itself will take approximately 3-9 workdays depending on your province.
Please note: Due to possible delays caused by the Corona pandemic, we cannot guarantee any delivery time of Canada Post, be it regular shipping or express shipping.

Order (incl. 5% GST) Shipping Charges (incl. 5% GST)
less than $ 100.00 $ 10.00
more than $ 100.00 $ 0.00
Latest Update: 2022-02-02