Anti-Skid Studs with Disk

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Anti-Skid Studs with Disk - Additional Grip for Horseshoes with Threaded Inserts inside the Plastic Sheath

If you want to use a horseshoe with studs, you must first clarify whether the studs are to remain in the shoe or whether you want to change them regularly.

Regular Stud Change:

For equestrian disciplines in which the horseshoe and the hoof are exposed to extreme strain, where you require a lot of additional anti-slip protection, we have developed a composite straight bar shoe with threaded inserts.

Since the stud holes are firmly fixated inside the straight bar, they are more stable compared to those that are merely fixated in the plastic sheath.

  • If you want to change the studs regularly, please use one of our straight bar shoes with solid threaded inserts.
  • Our anti-skid studs with disk of 4mm and 6mm height are not appropriate for the use in our straight bar shoes.
stable thread for screw studs inside the metal straight bar of the composite horse shoe

Stable threaded insert for studs inside the solid metal straight bar

Permanent Use of the Anti-Skid Studs:

You like to go trail riding and need extra grip? In this case, our clipped and threaded composite horseshoe in combination with our anti-skid studs is the right choice for you and your horse.

These studs can be used in combination with all our threaded composite horseshoes in which the thread inserts are fixated in the plastic sheath. These horseshoes are not intended for a regular stud change:

  • Clipped and Threaded (M8) Composite Horseshoe
  • Clipped and Threaded Heavy Duty Shoe (please note that the size of the threaded insert depends on the size of the horseshoe)
threaded insert for studs in the plastic area of the alternative hoof protection

Threaded insert for anti-skid studs with disk, fixated inside the plastic bar

Studs for Additional Grip – Photos

anti-skid studs with disk in various heights for threaded composite horseshoes

Our anti-skid studs are available in 4mm and 6mm height. For the sake of the horse's health and the stability of the thread insert, you should not use higher studs.

winter horseshoe on the hoof with studs for additional grip and integrated debris guard similiar to the well-known Snowgrip®

The decisive factor of our anti-skids studs with disk is the better distribution of the punctual pressure on the hoof. This protects the horse's hoof and improves the stability of the thread insert.

blind studs until the final use of the anti-skid studs inside the thread inserts of a plastic shoe with metal inlay

Stud blanks or plugs can be used as blind studs in order to keep the stud holes clean until the studs are being screwed in for their permanent use.

installation tool and accessories for stud mounting for your threaded alternative hoof protection

Thread hole cleaners, masonry drill bits, screwdriver bits, screw retention and wrenches - you can buy almost every tool or accessory needed for the stud change in our online shop.

alternative threaded horseshoes for the use of studs for extra grip

These anti-skid studs are intended for the use in combination with our clipped and threaded horseshoes with thread inserts inside the plastic bar.

screw lock to fix the studs in the threaded insert of the composite horseshoe

A few drops of screw retention or super-glue can provide an additional stability for the anti-skid stud in the thread insert of the composite horse shoe.

Application and Safety Instructions when Using Studs for Extra Grip – Video

The use of studs increases the risk of injuries in a herd situation as well as for the horse itself. Any use of studs and their supervision during use is the responsability of the farrier and the horse owner and/or rider.

There are Some Important Aspects to Consider when Using Studs:

  • The risk of injury increases in the herd. Therefore horse owners must clarify in advance whether the use of studs as additional anti-slip protection is permitted in their stable.
  • The correct shape and size of the shoe and the adjustment to the hoof are crucial - this determines the correct position of the thread in the heel area.
  • Select the correct stud height depending on the ground conditions and your horse's use. In our opinion, the 6mm anti-skid studs on hard ground are only conditionally applicable, but useful in case of an appropriate snow cover.
  • During the shoeing period, in addition to regularly checking the proper fit and integrity of the shoe and quarter clips, you must also check the studs. A leaning stud or threaded insert is an indication that the fit of the threaded insert is no longer correct.
the correct position of studs on the horse's hoof

Horse Shoeing in Winter

Our anti-skid studs in combination with our clipped and threaded horseshoes are the first choice of many of our customers in winter.

Especially in the transitional phase from fall to winter, good advice is often needed when it comes to choosing the right shoe for the next few weeks. Quite often, the so-called "winter horseshoe" is being nailed or glued to the hoof before the actual onset of winter. In these cases, many horse owners like to use the option of placing stud blanks or plugs inside the stud holes. That way, you can keep the threaded inserts clean until the studs are being needed as an additional anti-slip protection. At the onset of winter, you may then easily replace the stud blinds with the anti-skid studs for additional grip.

The horseshoes in which you use our anti-skid studs are not designed for a multiple stud change. This means you should not change from studs to stud blanks (or vice versa) more than once.

For the best possible adhesion of the anti-skid stud in the thread, you can apply a drop of screw lock or superglue to the threads before screwing the stud in. On the subject of stud assembly, we have also prepared a small video for you.

If you choose to use studs for extra grip and as an additional anti-slip protection, read and follow our safety instructions to prevent injuries. You will also find further information on the use of studs as anti-slip protection in the respective article descriptions.

Video: Stud Assembly in Composite Winter Horseshoes

Stud Assembly

Product Features

Type of Stud Anti-Skid Stud with Disk
Brand Duplo
Article Number 001201, 001204, 001205, 001006, 001007, 001008
Made in Germany
Function screw studs, anti-slip, additional grip, winter horseshoe, additional anti-skid protection
Riding Styles and Disciplines among others: leisure riding and orienteering, trail riding
not intended for extreme strains such as i.e. show jumping, eventing, hunting
Stud Thread not self-tapping
Stud Change not suitable
Blind Studs Stud blanks or plugs can be used as blind studs until the permanent use of the anti-skid studs. Blind studs keep the thread clean. This makes it easier to screw in the stud and ensures the stability of the threaded insert. If dirt is repeatedly pushed into the threaded hole, it can lead to unwanted pressure being exerted on the hoof.
Stud Height recommended height: 4mm
limited use: 6mm
Effective Height 4mm / 6mm
Thread Size M8, M10, M12
For use with Clipped and Threaded (M8) Composite Horse Shoes
Clipped and Threaded Heavy Duty Shoes (thread size depends on shoe size)
Use at your own discretion; adapted to ground conditions, riding discipline and safety in the herd
Risk of Injuries The use of studs increases the risk of injuries. We cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur. Please read and follow our safety instructions.
Safety Advices can be found under FAQ → Safety Information
Packaging Unit in pieces
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our country representatives

What is Special about our Anti-Skid Studs?

anti-skid studs for alternative hoof protection made in Germany

Of course, there is a wide variety of different hoof studs on the market. The various studs can be classified according to their type of installation, e.g. screw-in studs or drive-in studs (speedies). They are also often specified according to their field of application, such as grass studs, polo studs, mud studs or simply universal studs.
Now what is so special about our anti-skid screw studs and why do they fit best with our horseshoes?

Firstly, just as with our horseshoes, we focus on quality with our studs - they are "Made in Germany". For durability, our studs are also hardened. Due to the integrated pin, the stud does not wear out as quickly when it comes into contact with asphalt.

But the most important thing about our anti-skid studs is their disk.
The disk ensures that the punctual pressure is better distributed. This serves both the sensitive horse's hoof and the stability of the thread insert in the plastic sheath.

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