Important Safety Information for Duplo Composite Horseshoes

Our products, the Duplo Composite Horseshoes, are manufactured using safe chemical substances and synthetic materials. Nevertheless, it is important that you read this safety information and follow all instructions before working with or using Duplo products.

To prevent injuries to man or horse:

  • Only use Duplo horseshoes if you have the necessary knowledge regarding their correct application. Check our shoeing instruction.
  • Only use the proper tools and equipment to shoe Duplo horseshoes.
  • Do not place a Duplo horseshoe between the hoof and a conventional horseshoe.
  • Adjust the quarter clips to the hoof angle.
  • The otherwise safe chemical substances and synthetic materials used in Duplo horseshoes may cause a health hazard if they are heavily burned or their abrasive dust is inhaled.
  • Avoid burns.
  • Do not inhale abrasive dust from Duplo horseshoes.
  • Check the proper and secure fit of the Duplo horseshoes once a day to prevent losing a horseshoe during its regular life span.
  • To prevent injuries, check for sharp edges and open rivets once a week.

Duplo products are made from relatively soft material with chamfered edges. This makes them safer in horse herds than conventional horseshoes. There are less injuries but injuries can never be totally eliminated.

Duplo horseshoes have undergone extensive testing. They have been proven suitable for many different horses and disciplines. Some horses, however, don't like Duplo horseshoes because of their particular body structure or individual movements.

On slippery ground (e. g. recently mown grass, wet leaves), Duplo horseshoes have about the same friction as a bare hoof or a worn conventional metal horseshoe without studs.

In order to prevent injuries, we recommend using additional anti-skid equipment (e. g. studs or Spikes) and reduced speed if Duplo horseshoes are used on slippery ground.

You can download this Safety Information as PDF.

Latest Update: 2021-06-21