Duplo Films

At irregular intervals, we publish short videos about Duplo Composite Horseshoes - information about different Duplo models, about the correct application, about our team and much more. Take a look!

Duplo Insights - Caro Lucas

Shoeing Instruction

Instruction RB Carbon Glue-on Tabs "powered by Duplo"

Duplo Insights - Maréchalerie Reiss

Duplo Passion

Duplo Insights - Team "Tool Design and Construction"

Duplo Heavy Duty Shoe (HDS)

Duplo Insights - Dr. Katie Curry

Duplo Protective Insoles (PIns)

Duplo Cast Hooks

Duplo Insights

Duplo Horseshoes for Western Horses

Duplo Modifications

Latest Update: 2020-09-24