Testimonials About Our Composite and Urethane Horseshoes

From users for users - in all areas of life, we inquire about the experiences of others, seek tips for a good restaurant or hotel. Why not also rely on the experience of others when searching for the ideal horseshoe? Not every horse is the same, not everyone has the same requirements for a horseshoe - which makes the exchange with other riders and farriers even more important when looking for the ideal shoe for your horse.

Even though we can't make all of them available online, we appreciate every single testimonial from our customers. Of course, for fully completed testimonials with photos (hooves and/or horse) included, we also offer a small token of appreciation.

Your Personal Testimonial

If you'd like to assist other riders in finding the optimal horseshoe for their horse, please share your experiences with our products. Simply send your text and photos via email to our team. We look forward to it! For data protection reasons, we unfortunately require a signed declaration stating your consent for the publication of your testimonial.

Your Favorite Horse Photos - Film and Photo Releases

We are also happy if you send us your special snapshots of your horse or your work - even if you don't want to write a big report about your experience. In order for us to share your photos with others on our website and social media channels, we require your declaration of consent. Simply fill out our photo/film form and send it to us.

Testimonials from A to Z

At this point, we would like to provide you with some testimonials from other riders and farriers. The testimonials are in alphabetical order.


Noriker Mare with

noriker mare lies in her box

Rhenish-German Cold-Blooded Gelding with Arthrosis

cold blood gelding stands in the paddock

Barrel Racing

Barrel Race in Canada
MB Sport Horses

The rider in barrel racing circles around a blue barrel.

Smoother Turns
in Barrel Racing

The horse is ridden around a red barrel during the barrel race.

Carriage Horses

→ Shoeing Recommendation: Heavy Duty Horseshoes for carriage horses or draft horses in general.

If you're looking for a shock-absorbing and highly stable shoe that is also particularly abrasion-resistant, take a look at the Heavy Duty Shoes.

Composite Horseshoes
for Carriage Horses

Two geldings pulling a carriage gallop through a stream onto a meadow.

Dressage | Draft Horses

Glue-on Horseshoes
for Dressage and Jumping Horses

A dressage horse with rider in the dressage arena.

Draft Horses in Forestry Work (Logging)

Kaltblut zieht Baumstamm im Wald


Heath Endurance Ride

Landesmeister Distanzreiten 2017 - Endurance Team Elbflorenz

Endurance State Champion of Saxony

Landesmeister Distanzreiten 2017 - Endurance Team Elbflorenz

Stockholm Endurance
Riding in Sweden

the riders from Stockholm Endurance ride their horses in the snow in winter

Gaited Horses | Glue-on Horseshoe

Paso Finos with Composite Horseshoes

rider on a paso fino horse

Glue-on Horseshoes
for Dressage and Jumping Horses

A dressage horse with rider in the dressage arena.

Extremely Satisfied with the Nailless and Wolf Busch®

saddled horse is waiting tied up at the grooming area

...the Glued Shoes Hold Just as Securely as Nailed Ones...

horse and owner are lying side by side in the meadow

Laminitis | Leisure Horses

→ Shoeing Recommendation: Open-Toed Horseshoes - Laminits Horseshoe

If you're looking for a horseshoe suitable for laminitis, please also consider the open-toed shoes. They have already proven themselves with many horses suffering from laminitis.

→ Shoeing Recommendation for Leisure Riders - 'Basic'

The Clipped 'Basic' with deeper tread pattern is our horseshoe with an optimized price-performance ratio. It is particularly popular among leisure riders due to the price advantage.

Composite Horseshoes
in Case of Laminitis

Horse on a lead rope in the river

Leisure Riding
Riding at the Danube

two riders in the Danube, Bavaria

In the Interest of the Horse's Well-Being

a brown horse is saddled while grazing in a meadow

Composite Shoes to Support Gloria in Her Recovery

cruzado mare is standing on a teeter-totter at the trail course

Mountain Rides | Horse in Motion

Crossing the Alps and International Mountain Rides

white horse with rider in the mountains

"...stumbles less, doesn't slip...
walks more happily"

white horse in riding arena

Great Experiences for about 20 Years

Reiterin reitet auf Straße vor aufgestapeltem Holz

Spavin | Sumpter Horses

Spavin, Mountain Trail Rides
and Short Endurance

Pferd gesattelt mit Packtaschen grast vor einer Bergkulisse

Sumpter Horses
on Trekking Tours

sumpter shoes his horse on a field

Western Riding

Combining Sliders and Composite Horseshoes

Hufe eines Quarterhorses beschlagen mit Sliders und alternativen Hufeisen Testimonial
Please note that the testimonials from our customers are individual experiences
that may not apply to everyone equally.
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