Unclipped Shock Absorbing Hybrid Urethane Horse Shoes

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Shock Absorbing Unclipped Hybrid Urethane Horse Shoe with Internal Steel Insert

Generally speaking, opinions differ on whether a clipped or unclipped horseshoe is superior. The advantage of an unclipped horseshoe is that the risk of injury is lower and the hoof capsule has more freedom of movement than with a clipped hoof protection.

Nevertheless, the quarter clips have become popular for many reasons. First and foremost, of course, they make the farrier's job easier when customizing and shoeing, since the horseshoe is already relatively stable during the shoeing process. An unclipped horseshoe, on the other hand, is somewhat more difficult to place on the hoof.

A horseshoe without clips - whether it is a steel horseshoe, a purely urethane horse shoe or a hybrid horse shoe - has higher forces acting on the hoof nails, which can result in shortened durability of the hoof protection on the hoof. Especially for an unclipped horseshoe, it is therefore important to ensure proper riveting.

No matter what you choose, a clipped or unclipped hybrid urethane horse shoe: We certainly have something suitable for you in our assortment. Even though almost all our other horseshoes are equipped with two quarter clips, they can be easily removed if you prefer an unclipped horseshoe.

Horse with hybrid urethane horse shoe is rolling in the meadow
Carriage horses with hybrid urethane horse shoes galloping through a creek to a meadow

The Knob Arrays - the "Ace in Our Sleeve" for an Unclipped Hybrid Urethane Horse Shoe

If you choose our unclipped hybrid urethane horse shoe - by the way, the first model from our company - we have good news for you!

Especially when it comes to the secure fit of the horseshoe on the hoof, the quarter clips are usually advantageous. An unclipped horseshoe is less protected from twisting or slipping on the hoof, especially towards the end of the shoeing period. This is where our knob arrays come into play.

The knobs are made of a relatively hard urethane material and press into the bearing edge of the hoof. This leads to additional stabilization on the hoof and thus reduces the risk of the shoe twisting on the hoof. So, if the unclipped horseshoe is carefully nailed to the hoof, these inconspicuous colored "plastic tips" help that the horseshoe stays longer where it belongs.

Unclipped Urethane Horse Shoe with Integrated Steel Insert – Photos

hybrid urethane horse shoe without clips for different hoof shapes

Our hybrid urethane horse shoes without clips are available in front and hind patterns as well as in the special STS shape with a slightly straightened toe area.

various degrees of hardness of the unclipped urethane horse shoe

The versions of our unclipped hybrid urethane horse shoe with steel insert are available in both hardness degrees Standard and Extra.

Protection against twisting and slipping of the horseshoe on the hoof - the knob inserts

Small "plastic tips" with a big effect: our knob inserts in detail.

Customising an hybrid urethane horse shoe to the horse's hoof

With an unclipped horseshoe, the correct fit is crucial for durability on the hoof.

Bottom view of an unclipped hybrid urethane horse shoe with metal core

The view from below: Our unclipped horseshoes have an open sole area.

Carriage horses in action with a hybrid urethan horse shoe with metal core

Thanks to knobbed inserts and good workmanship, a secure hold is possible even under difficult conditions.

alternative hybrid urethane horse shoes for small and large hooves

Our unclipped horseshoes are available for both small and larger hooves.

different models of our unclipped urethane horse shoes

Other unclipped urethane horse shoes in our range are the Nailless, the open-toed horseshoe and the Classic without metal core.

Removoing a nail-on urethane horse shoe with sharpened nail pullers

To make it easier to remove the nailed-on hybrid urethane horse shoe, we lightly sharpened a nail puller with the belt sander.

Application and Safety Instructions for Unclipped Horseshoes – Video

Thanks to the soft material of the urethane sheath and the rounded edges, the risk of injury in the herd is lower with a hybrid urethane horse shoe. When using an unclipped horseshoe, another safety risk is eliminated.

Horse in meadow with alternative hybrid urethane horseshoe

However, with a horseshoe without clips, even more attention must be paid to the correct fit of the shoe during the shoeing period. This is the only way to avoid losing a horseshoe.

Even if the horse cannot step into any quarter clips if a horseshoe has been lost on the pasture, the risk of a nail penetration injury remains. We therefore always advise to look for the horseshoe - no matter what kind of hoof protection it is.

No matter which horseshoe from our range you want to use - whether is is a clipped or unclipped horseshoe, please read and observe our security information. The safety instructions are addressed not only to the farrier, but also to the horse owner and rider.

Hybrid Urethane Horseshoe – the Advantages of a Solid Metal Inlay and a Urethane Sheath on the Hoof

Hubert Frank has experienced a lot since his farrier examination in 1995 and did not like the idea that only the conventional steel shoe works on the horse's hoof. He has always wondered why more or less the same horseshoe is still used as 1000 years ago, when at the same time we are always finding new ways in all other areas of our lives.

We were often faced with this question, especially in our early days, when we entered the market with the "original model" of our current hybrid (composite) horseshoes. This is how the history of today's Duplo Composite Horseshoe began around the year 2000.

The goal behind the development was (and always will be) the well-being of the horse and associated with it a healthy hoof. So we will never be categorical promoters of the alternative horseshoe! Our product is a product "from farriers for farriers". We know about the positive characteristics of the horseshoe and about areas of application where a traditional horsehoe is necessary. Nevertheless, we would like to offer our customers a "modern" alternative to the traditional steel shoe.

Today's composite horseshoe is a kind of hybrid product: the stabilizing metal core stands for the traditional horseshoe, the urethane sheath with its concussion absorption powers for the pure plastic or synthetic shoe. Our hybrid horseshoe combines the advantages of both types of shoeing on the horse's hoof. In the area of the bony structures of the hoof, the metal core stabilizes; in the area of the soft structures, i.e., among others, in the area of the frog, the digital cussion and the bulbs, you will find the shock-absorbing, soft urethane coating. We have prepared a video for you that illustrates the functionality and structure of our hybrid horse shoe.

Video: Functionality of a hybrid urethane horse shoe with metal inlay on the horse's hoof

The Composite / Hybrid Horse Shoe

Application Guide – Nail-on Hybrid Urethane Horse Shoes

In our video, Stephan Becker explains the general application of our hybrid horse shoes - an urethane horse shoe with an integrated steel insert. What applies to the clipped horseshoes naturally also applies to an unclipped horseshoe.

The correct barefoot treatment, in particular achieving a straight, even planar bottom surface of the hoof through correct rasping and the customization of the horseshoe to the hoof are even more important when you apply an unclipped horseshoe with nails. Even if our knob arrays provide some support: even they cannot prevent an improperly fitted shoe from getting lost.

Video: Shoeing Instruction of a hybrid urethane horse shoe with metal inlay

Shoeing Instruction

Glued Application of an Unclipped Horseshoe

If you want to apply our horseshoe with glue, we recommend to use the Nailless. The Nailless is designed without a separate knob array and is therefore better protected against the tractive forces that increase during the shoeing period due to hoof growth.

The development of the Nailless is based on experience reports which show that the pressure acting on the shoe in the area of the knobbed inserts has a different effect on a glued horseshoe than on a nailed one.

Video: Wolf Busch® Glue-on Tabs

Wolf Busch® Glue-on Tabs

Kunsstoffbeschlag ohne Aufzüge mit Metallkern und abgeschliffenen Noppeneinlegern

In the case of a model with knobbed inserts, the plastic may crack in the area of the knobs and the horseshoe can therefore not be reused. For this reason, the Nailless is being produced without knobbed inserts.

If you are unable to purchase the Nailless in the size or shape you need, remember to be sure to grind off the knobs of the horseshoe before welding. This will help you to achieve an ideal form closure for your adhesive horseshoe.

As always, be careful not to inhale sanding dust during all sanding operations.

Product Features

Model unclipped hybrid urethane horse shoe with knob arrays for a secure fit
Brand Duplo
Article Number 100, 101, 410, 411, 300, 500
Function hybrid urethane hoof protection, concussion absorption, stimulation of the hoof mechanism
Riding Styles and Disciplines u.a. leisure riding, trail horses und orieenting, western disciplines, dressage, driving, gaited horse riding, baroque riding, ground work, cross-country riding, working equitation
Admission for Tournaments Our hybrid urethane horse shoes with metal inlay are approved for various tournaments.
For more information please contact the respective association (e.g. FEIF, FN, VWB, VWA).
Therapy Shoe / Rehab The model is also suitable for supportive use in the orthopedic and therapeutic field.
We expressly point out that our products do not diagnose or cure any diseases and advise for any use with a therapeutic or orthopedic background to work closely with the hoof specialist or veterinarian on site.
Horse Breeds a.o. Warmblood, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Haflinger, Icelandic, Arabian, Friesian, Andalusian, Hanoverian, Missouri Foxtrotter, Norwegian, Welsh Pony, German Riding Pony, Konik Pony
Shoeing can be applied with nails, glue, or casting hooks
Shoeing Instruction can be found under FAQ → Instructions
Safety Advices can be found under FAQ → Safety Information
Made in Germany
Available Shapes round and STS - front pattern / oval - hind pattern
Sizes Round /
Front Pattern
102mm, 106mm, 110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm, 158mm
Sizes Oval /
Hind Pattern
98mm, 102mm, 106mm, 110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm
Sizes STS
Front Pattern
102mm, 106mm, 110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm, 150mm, 154mm
Size Interval in 4mm steps
Sizing Based on the shape of the hoof and the widest part of the hoof (after appropriate hoof treatment) or, in a pinch, also based on the horseshoe size that has fit so far. In the section FAQ → Sizes and Shapes, you will find a free template.
Hardness Degrees Standard / Extra
Season all year round
Temperature During the cold season we recommend the Standard horseshoes; at higher temperatures the Extra horseshoes have proven their worth.
Weight depending on the size from 170-495g
Length depending on te size - for details please visit FAQ → Sizes and Shapes
Width the respective size in mm
Thickness 15mm
Knob Arrays The knobs are impressed into the weight-bearing surface of the hoof wall and help the horseshoe keep its position on the hoof during the regular shoeing cycle. When you use an Extra Horsehoe it depends on the size which you order, whether you'll receive either remainders of stock (with four knob arrays and without debris guard) or the revised version (with two knob arrays and debris guard).
Integrated Steel Insert The integrated steel insert contributes to the durability of the hybrid horse shoe and helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the hoof.
Urethane Cover Benefit from the concussion absorption powers of the urethane sheath.
Debris Guard The molded synthetic lip acts like a debris guard - similar to a snowgrip®- and reduces the amount of snow and debris balling up.
When you use a Extra Horsehoe it depends on the size which you order, whether you'll receive either remainders of stock (with four knob arrays and without debris guard) or the revised version (with two knob arrays and debris guard).
Nailing Slots depending on the size, 6 to 8 nailing slots are integrated into the metal core
Nail Size the ideal nail size varies depending on the hoof situation and size - you can find a general recommendation in our store at the hoof nails
Open Sole The open sole design offers breathability to the hoof sole and the frog.
Bar made of Urethane Material can improve the blood circulation of the horse's hoof
Toe Area round and oval shape: regular
STS shape: slightly straightened toe area
Breakover you may easily adjust breakover by bending or grinding
Profile regular profile - you may add a more aggressive, thicker profile yourself
Additional Traction For additional traction you may add spikes to your urethane horse shoe - also known as quick studs; when riding, you always have to adapt the speed appropriately to the ground and ride with reduced speed on slippery ground.
Risk of Injuries in Herds Minimized risk of injuries in herd situations and in case of irregular movements in comparison to a metal horseshoe or the sharp-edged border of a bare hoof - please also read our safety information.
Hoof Mechanism The flexible urethane material encourages the mobility of the elastic hoof structures.
Customizing with an angle grinder, belt grinder, nippers or toeing knife
Modifications (at your own discretion) more or less wide, extend, convert into a model with closed sole area
Accessories among others Wolf Busch glue-on tabs (former RB-Carbon), glue-on tabs Pro and Easy, extensions, plastic grid plate, plastic plate, colored stripes, cast hooks
Packaging Unit in pieces
Shipment worldwide; deliveries to France, Switzerland and Canada are carried out by our our country representatives

Tips and Tricks:

The Right Size and Shape

You are not sure what hoof shape your horse has or you do not know exactly what size you need? For this purpose you may print out the template for our hybrid urethane horsehoes.

Template for hybrid urethane horseshoes with steel insert
black quarterhorse stallion on the pasture

Abrasion and Durability

When it comes to a good horseshoe - whether clipped or unclipped - durability is crucial in addition to functionality. In terms of abrasion and durability, the following factors, among others, play a role:

  • the horse and its behavior in the box and in the herd situation
  • the horse's gait behavior
  • the riding discipline and frequency of training
  • the ground conditions on which the horse is walking - whether it is being ridden or in the non-training period
  • the temperature and climate

So when it comes to the durabilit of a horseshoe, we get very different results depending on the horse, riding style and region. While some leisure riders can reshoe a horseshoe several times, endurance riders need a new set every few weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot make a general statement at this point. You can find more information on this topic in the FAQ section.

Removing the Clips

You can easily modify a clipped horseshoe into an unclipped version.

For this purpose, it is best to use an angle grinder. Because of the heat generated, it is advisable to remove the clips piece by piece and in turns to prevent the urethane material from melting. In the process, try to maintain the knob arrays as much as possible, if you want to use the horsehoe as a nail-on horsehoe.

Also on the bottom side of the horseshoe, you can grind the metal part of the clips to round off any edges.

If you want to use this horseshoe modified in this way as an adhesive horsehoe, please note that you cannot create a welding seam between the horsehoe and the glue-on tab in the area where you have removed the clips.

grinding of the quarter clips on a hybrid urethane horse shoe with metal inlay
Donkey with a glue-on hybrid urethane horseshoe with metal inlay


Our unlclipped horseshoes are available in 4mm steps and can easily be adapted to the respective hoof shape. So there is a suitable shape and size for almost every horse. Sometimes, however, it still happens that no size seems to fit quite right. In this case, with a little craftsmanship, you can modify the horseshoes at your own discretion. You can make a horseshoe narrower or wider, or even lengthen or widen it with our Extensions. Of course, especially when working with the Extensions, you must always keep an eye on the correct position of the metal core on the hoof.

Shelly and Sandy Frank, the next generation of farriers in the Frank family, can report a very special "DIY " challenge:
With the help of an unclipped horseshoe, Wolf Busch® glue-on tabs and our Extensions, they made the modifications necessary for donkey hooves and helped a donkey feel comfortable on his hooves again.

glue-on horseshoe modified for donkey hooves
hybrid urethane horse shoe glued onto donkey hooves
side view of a donke hoof with a glue-on composite horseshoe with plastic sheath and solid metal inlay
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