Caro Lucas


2018 - International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
2018 - Pete Ramey clinic in Alberta (Canada)
2016 - Foal Correction with Dr. Hans Castelijns in Schwaiganger (Germany)
2016 - Podiatry Symposium in Segovia (Spain)
2016 - NBvH Clinic: Shoeing Modifications
2016 - Donkey Clinic in Waldbrunn (Germany)
2015 - Werkmann Spring Games (Holland)
2015 - Equine Nutritionist Education with Dr. C. Fritz in Berlin (Germany)
2014 - Clinic at the Farrier College in Dortmund (Germany)
2013/2016 - F-Balance with Daniel Anz (Germany)
2011/2014 - Podiatry Clinic with Ric Redden in Switzerland
2010/2011/2014/2015 - HBT Farrier Clinic in Germany
2010-2015 - Luwex Symposium in Kreuth / Farrier Symposium in Giessen (Germany)


- barefoot trimming, booting and shoeing for soundness
- rehabilitation of deformed, imbalanced and non-functional hooves


- MD Willow Creek - one hour drive around Claresholm

Further Information

My lame thoroughbred mare and her crooked legs and crippled feet got me started fairly early to look closer into the subject hooves. As a barefoot trimmer I was dealing with every possible trimming style you can find to figure out how to give the best support, bring structures back to balance and function and improve comfort and movement. Later on, booting and glueing happened to be another tool in the tool box and as I became a farrier I also appreciated the Duplo Composite Horseshoe as an alternative to steel shoes for their characteristics.


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