The Basic - Clipped and Profiled Prize-Optimized Horseshoe - Duplo

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product description

Clipped and Profiled Horseshoes in a Price-Optimized Version - The Basic Shoe

The Basic is our price entry model. In order to provide you with a horseshoe that offers an optimized price-performance ratio, the basic model comes without knob arrays and we have omitted the processes of grinding the quarter clips and zinc-coating the metal inlay and the clips.

The Basic Horseshoe is produced using the same high-quality urethane materials as our other models, because we do not compromise on quality!

The Basic is a clipped horseshoe with a deeper tread pattern to provide your horse with a little more traction. It can be used as a nail-on and glue-on shoe. For further details on this price-optimized composite horseshoe, take a look at our comprehensive product description.

Kindly be aware that even with a deeper tread pattern, there is no guarantee that the horse won't slip. The riding speed should be decided by the rider, considering elements such as terrain, temperature, and the horse's surefootedness.

Whether you are a farrier or a horse owner: In order to avoid injuries to humans and horses, it is important that you read and follow our Safety Instructions when using our products. Although our goal is to offer you and your horse the best possible support with our products, you must always adapt your speed to the ground and weather conditions in order to prevent accidents as best as possible. For additional grip you may use spikes.

Extra or Standard Version

As this price-optimized model doesn't include knob arrays, the hardness level of the used urethane material can be identified by an abbreviation on the horseshoe (Ex. for Extra and Std. for Standard).

Important Usage Guidelines for the Basic Horseshoe

Please don't forget to grind the quarter clips before shoeing in order to reduce the risk of injuries!
Since the quarter clips are not zinc-coated, they may rust. However, this is not a reason for complaint because the rust is only a visual disadvantage and does not compromise the quality of the horseshoe.

In our experience, shoes equipped with side clips are usually well-protected against twisting on the hoof, even without knob arrays, provided they are carefully applied. However, please note that due of the missing knobs, we cannot guarantee the form fit you may be used from our regular horseshoes.