Clipped Composite Horseshoe - Duplo

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product description

Shock-Absorbing Clipped Urethane Horseshoe with Internal Steel Insert

If you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting, shock absorbing urethane horseshoe with quarter clips, this horseshoe is usually a good choice for your horse’s hooves.

This clipped model from the German manufacturer is the bestseller among our composite horseshoes - simply because the concept has proven its worth. The quarter clips facilitate the nailing process, and they prevent the horseshoe from twisting or getting out of position during the regular shoeing cycle.

This hybrid urethane horse shoe can be used as a nail-on horseshoe or glue-on horseshoe, depending on your individual preferences and the horse’s needs. The inner rim acts like a debris guard similar to a snow popper and reduces the amount of snow and debris balling up. This clipped horseshoe is available in two degrees of hardness, front and hind patterns as well as a straight toe shape.

For further information on this alternative hoof protection with a plastic coating and a stable metal core, its application and important security advices please have a look at our detailed product description.

Whether you are a farrier or a horse owner: In order to avoid injuries to humans and horses, it is important that you read and follow our Safety Instructions when using our products.

Debris Guard on Extra Horseshoes

Depending on which size you order, it might be possible that you will still receive remainders of stock without debris guard. If you want to be on the safe side, have a detailed look at the product image or contact us for further information.