Heavy Duty Shoe (HDS) with Improved Abrasion Resistance for Draft Horses and Working Horses

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product description

Shock Absorption and Improved Abrasion Resistance for Large Hooves - Particularly Solid Draft Horse Shoes

Cold-blooded horses, given their weight and often strenuous work, require a particularly solid horseshoe. The musculoskeletal system of draft horses, which is frequently stressed, can greatly benefit from the shock absorption provided by the urethane coating.

The Heavy Duty Shoes are not only designed for cold-blooded horses with large hooves but also for horses with smaller hooves that require a particularly abrasion-resistant horseshoe. They are thus available from size 118mm up to 198mm. The interval between sizes is 4mm up to 178mm; from size 182mm on it is 8mm.

What Makes our Heavy Duty Shoes a.k.a. Draft Horse Shoes Special?

  • The horseshoes become progressively sturdier with increasing size; meaning, the metal core becomes even more robust starting at 154mm and further reinforced at 178mm.
  • The synthetic coating on the bottom side of the Heavy Duty Shoe is approximately 5mm thicker compared to our regular composite horseshoes.
  • We provide a clipped and threaded model for cold-blooded horses pulling carriages, offering exceptional grip with anti-skid studs. Additionally, our "Traction" Straight Bar Shoe, equipped with sturdy threaded inserts, is suitable for regular stud changes. This is a notable advantage, especially for draft horses pulling carriages or those involved in forestry and agriculture, where reliable traction and durability are essential, and shock absorption can ease their daily tasks.

Whether you are a farrier or a horse owner: In order to avoid injuries to humans and horses, it is important that you read and follow our Safety Instructions when using our products. Although our goal is to offer you and your horse the best possible support with our products, you must always adapt your speed to the ground and weather conditions in order to prevent accidents as best as possible. For additional grip you may use spikes.