Duplo Cast Hooks

When should I use Duplo Cast Hooks?
We recommend applying the cast hooks in case of certain diagnoses - for example if the horn capsule has to be stabilized and immobilized and if no nails can be used for fixating the hoof protection.

Why should I use Cast Hooks?
During the shoeing process, the (sensitive and maybe painful) hoof won't be stressed by vibrations caused by a hammer. Afterwards, the cast bandage doesn't cover the bottom surface of the Duplo Horseshoe and therefore won't be worn off.


Cast Strip

  • One cast strip consists of 9 cast hooks.
  • You need 6 cast hooks to fixate one Duplo Horseshoe.


  • We recommend the following screws for fixating the cast hooks on the Duplo Horseshoe: DIN 7982 / ISO 7050 Countersunk Head Tapping Screws 4.2mm x 19mm
  • You need 6 screws to fixate the cast hooks on one Duplo Horseshoe.
  • There is a combination of cast strips and fitting screws available in our online shop.

Cast Bandage

  • The fibreglass cast tape hardens under the influence of water. Take care not to damage the wrapping; as soon as the cast bandage is surrounded by air, it will start hardening due to the air humidity.
  • There are two sizes available in our online shop: 5cm x 3.6m and 7.5cm x 3.6m
Please note: The screws and the Cast Bandage from our online shop are only available within the EU!

Preparing the Hoof
The preparation of the bare hoof is the same as before any other shoeing and has to be done professionally.

Preparing the Duplo Horseshoe

  • Choose a Duplo Horseshoe that matches hoof size, hoof shape and intended use.
  • Use an angle grinder or belt grinder to adjust the horseshoe to the hoof shape.
  • If necessary, you can remove the knobs in order to achieve form closure.

For further information, please take a look at our shoeing instruction and our safety information.

Recommendation: Almost any Duplo Horseshoe can be combined with cast hooks - even the open-toed models. This might be particularly helpful for laminitis horses.

Fixating the Cast Hooks on the Shoe

  • Put the screws into the nail holes of the Duplo Horseshoe, beginning on the hoof side.
  • Put the cast hook on the screw on the bottom side of the horseshoe.
  • Tighten the screw with a cordless screwdriver until it is countersunken in the weightbearing area of the horseshoe.
  • Tighten the screw with a cordless screwdriver until it is countersunken in the weightbearing area of the horseshoe.
  • Remove the protruding screws with the angle grinder or belt grinder.

Fixating the Horseshoe on the Hoof

  • Have another person lift the horse's opposing hoof so the horse will keep still.
  • When all hooks are fixated on the horseshoe, pre-stress them and place the Duplo Horseshoe on the hoof.
  • When the Duplo Horseshoe is optimally placed on the hoof, you can wrap the hoof with the cast bandage.
  • Put the hoof down and let the cast harden.
Careful: The coronary band and the heel bulbs must remain uncovered!
Please note: When combined with regular round or oval Duplo Horseshoes, the cast hooks can currently only be used for horseshoes up to size 142mm. We are working on a solution for larger horseshoes. The open-toed models are not affected.
By the way: The Cast Hooks were developed in the context of Duplo Innovations. Take a look - there are regularly new products available for a favorable introductory price!
Latest Update: 2022-04-04