Duplo Jumper

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product description

The Duplo Jumper has been developed after numerous requests from show jumpers. Quick changes of direction on possibly slippery ground require a very solid horseshoe which can be used with two or four removable studs and which is as shock-absorbing as possible during the course.
Basic Knowledge about Duplo Composite Horseshoes
Information about Anti-Skid Protection

• ring-shaped metal inlay
• two quarter clips
• four M8/M10/M12 screw threads (depends on the size of the horseshoe)


Unlike in case of our regular Duplo models, the metal inlay of the Jumper is closed in the heel area. The thread inserts are not only fixated in the synthetic material but in the metal inlay. That's why you can use higher studs (8mm and 12mm) without affecting the stability of the horseshoe.

Please note that the stud is screwed into the thread insert for about 3mm. That way, the first pitch of the screw thread won't be damaged even during abrasion and the thread will be easier to clean. The effective height of the studs is therefore 5mm (for our 8mm studs) and 9mm (for our 12mm studs), respectively.

The size of the threads varies with the size of the horseshoe. Please be careful to choose the correct stud size!

Size of the Duplo Horseshoe round oval
Thread Size in the Toe Area Thread Size in the Heel Area Thread Size in the Toe Area Thread Size in the Heel Area
114mm M8M10 M8M10
118mm M8M10 M8M10
122mm M8M10 M8M10
126mm M8M10 M8M10
130mm M8M10 M8M10
134mm M8M10 M8M10
138mm M8M10 M8M10
142mm M10M12 M10M12
146mm M10M10 M10M10
150mm M10M10 M10M10
154mm M10M10 M10M10
158mm M10M10 M10M10
162mm M10M10 M10M10
166mm M10M10 M10M10
170mm M10M10   


Alternative for Working Horses and Carriage Horses
There is an alternative Duplo-model, among our Innovations products with four screw threads and a ring-shaped metal inlay. It is particularly appropriate for working horses and carriage horses.

Latest Update: 2022-10-07