Duplo Jumper

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product description

The Clipped and Threaded Duplo Horseshoe with Ring-Shaped Metal Inlay is a very solid and torsion-free hoof protection that can be used with two or four screw studs (8 mm or 12 mm).
Basic Knowledge about Duplo Composite Horseshoes
Information about Anti-Skid Protection
Information about the Duplo Jumper

• ring-shaped metal inlay
• two quarter clips
• four M8/M10 screw threads (depends on the size of the horseshoe)

Stud Changes
This Duplo model is ideal if you regularly want to change studs - in order to reduce the risk of injury in the herd after the training, for example.

Alternative for working horses and carriage horses
There is an alternative Duplo-model, among our Innovations products with four screw threads and a ring-shaped metal inlay. It is particularly appropriate for working horses and carriage horses.