Size and Shape Customization (no return possible)

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product description

With three different shapes (round/oval/STS) and sizes in 4mm steps, there is a perfect horseshoe available for (almost) every horse. However, in order for the hoof to optimally benefit from the functionality of the horseshoe and to make sure the horseshoe doesn't get lost during the regular shoeing period, it is necessary to adjust the horseshoe to the hoof shape before shoeing.
further information

Please let us know the necessary details if you need us to adjust a horseshoe to your horse's individual hoof. We can make it wider or longer, for example, or add a toe rocker.

Please note: The indicated price is valid for one customized horseshoe.

Please note: If you require a customized horseshoe, your order needs to be written and confirmed and cannot be returned or refunded because it is specifically made for your horse.