Duplo Horseshoes with Wedges

Every Duplo Horseshoe with quarter clips can be combined with a fitting wedge inlay. A horseshoe with wedge is used whenever a change of the hoof angle, combined with perfect shock absorbance, is called for. The Duplo Wedge is the ideal supplement to the Duplo Horseshoe for certain therapeutic indications.


Ring Shape
In contrast to most of the usual synthetic wedges, the Duplo Wedge is molded in a ring shape. Therefore, the wedge is not only placed below the heels but covers the complete surface of the horseshoe.

The ring shape has two advantages: Firstly, the wedge is more solid and doesn't slip out of its position because it is fixated on a larger surface. Secondly, the hoof can be trimmed in exactly the same way as for a Duplo Horseshoe without wedge. The weight-bearing surface can be rasped absolutely plain and doesn't have to be treated differently around the heels than around the toe.


Anatomical Sole Relief
The shape of the wedge is based on the anatomy of the hoof. A molded bevel provides for perfect fit around the sensitive sole and avoids needless pressure. It is not necessary to adjust the wedge before its use.


Option of Combination
A wedge causes the hoof angle to change by 2.5 degrees. If necessary, it is possible to weld two wedges together and then insert them into the horseshoe; the hoof angle will then change by 5.0 degrees.


Easy Application
The Duplo Wedge is only combinable with a clipped Duplo Horseshoe!

Applying the Duplo Wedge is quite straightforward. There is a wedge for each horseshoe size and each horseshoe shape so you don't have to adjust the wedge to the horseshoe before using it. Just insert the wedge into the horseshoe and you're done!

It is possible but not necessary to weld the wedge to the horseshoe. The wedge is precisely adjusted to the knob profile of the Duplo Horseshoe; the knobs fixate the wedge in its position. The quarter clips increase the stability of the combination even more.

Latest Update: 2019-06-06