Glue-On Customization (no return possible)

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product description

Duplo Horseshoes were conceived as nailed hoof protection. However, if the hoof wall is damaged and the horseshoe cannot be nailed or if you don't want to use a nailed hoof protection out of conviction, you can use Duplo Horseshoes without nails.
further information

If you want as to add glue-on tabs to your horseshoe, please contact us so we can talk about the details: Which adjustments to the hoof shape are necessary? Which glue-on tabs would you like us to use?

Please note: The indicated price is valid for one customized horseshoe.

Please note: If you require a customized horseshoe, your order needs to be written and confirmed and cannot be returned or refunded because it is specifically made for your horse.

If you are thinking of ordering a customized Duplo Composite Horseshoe, please note that we cannot assume any liability if the customized shoe doesn't fit perfectly. Please consider the following aspects:

  • A certain amount of time passes between you taking the photo of your horse's hoof and the actual shoeing or gluing process. During that time, the hoof will grow and change. And if the hoof has't been trimmed before the photo, trimming it will change it even more.
  • The Duplo Customization Service is a service for farriers who cannot plastic-weld, for example, or don't have the necessary equipment. We will customize the horseshoe to the best of our knowledge but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit. For that reason, it is the responsibility of the local farrier to check and adjust the final fit of the horseshoe.