Open-Toed Duplo Horseshoes

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product description

The Open-Toed Duplo Horseshoe has been developed for the treatment of chronic laminitis. However, it is also ideal in case of some other therapeutic indications.
Basic Knowledge about Duplo Composite Horseshoes
Information about the Open-Toed Duplo Horseshoe

• without knobs
• ring-shaped metal inlay
• integrated synthetic grid sole
• open toe area
• two quarter clips (depending on the model)
• two M8/M10 screw threads in the heel area (depending on the model)

Please note: If you are using the open-toed Duplo horseshoe as a glue-on hoof protection, please make sure that none of the padding material exits at the side and touches the glue-on tabs - otherwise, the glued connection may be damaged.

Important: If you want to use the open-toed Duplo horseshoe for the treatment of chronic laminitis, we urgently recommend participating in an advanced training course and cooperating with the responsable veterinarian. Each horseshoe is only as good as its user!

Open-Toed Horseshoe Size of the Duplo Horseshoe Size of the Screw Threads
Without Additional Features 110-170mm
Clipped 110-170mm
Clipped and Threaded up to 130mm M8
Clipped and Threaded from 134mm M10