FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Duplo Horseshoes

You have questions about Duplo Composite Horseshoes? Maybe you aren't the only one with a particular problem. We have compiled the most frequent questions and hope you benefit from the answers. Otherwise, simply contact the Duplo Team!

Possible Applications of Duplo Horseshoes

Are Duplo Horseshoes suitable for gaited horses? Can they be used for show jumping? Which Duplo model is appropriate for carriage horses?
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Sizes and Shapes of the Duplo Horseshoe

Which Duplo sizes are available? What's the length of each horseshoe? How can I determine the correct size and shape of the horseshoe for the individual hoof?
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Adjusting the Duplo Horseshoe to the Hoof

How can the horseshoe be adjusted to the individual hoof shape? How can I prevent the horse from losing horseshoes? What's to consider when I use a threaded Duplo model?
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The Correct Application of Duplo Horseshoes

How is it possible to prevent the horseshoes from twisting out of their position? Is it possible to remove the bar? Is it possible to use Duplo Horseshoes in case of thrush?
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Durability of Duplo Horseshoes

How durable are Duplo Horseshoes? When do I have to replace a horseshoe? Is it maybe even possible to reuse it?
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Latest Update: 2021-16-08